Berchtesgaden, Germany
The Berghof
24 Berchtesgaden, Germany - shards

“On the 26th of May 1945 I passed through the dead city of Munich to reach the idyllic beauty of the Bavarian site of Adolf Hitler’s mountain villa, called the Berghof in the town of Berchtesgaden. Heavily bombed, French troops reached the burned house shortly before VE Day, wrecking and looting the area. My glass comes from a corridor reached by going through the large living room to a stairway, smoke from the fire marking the glass.

“When Hitler was living in Munich he used to stay in the hotel, Platterhof, in Berchtesgaden. As his movement grew, more of his associates would go there too until they took over the whole hotel. Later we used that space for teaching.”

Story and Shards Artist Statement Specifications